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Research Scholars

S.No.Research ScholarTitle of ThesisFunding AgenciesEnrollment Date
1Jyoti SinghYet to be approvedUGC05/12/2012
2Neeraj Kumar GargYet to be approvedCSIR-SRF17/10/2012
3Gaurav SharmaYet to be approvedICMR-SRF17/10/2012
4Raghavender PottabathiniYet to be approvedICMR-SRF12/07/2012
5Mandeep SinghYet to be approvedDST11/06/2012
6Sudhir KumarYet to be approvedICMR-SRF09/01/2012
7Atin KalraYet to be approvedUGC-RFMS08/12/2011
8Madhu BalaYet to be approvedUGC-RFMS09/11/2011
9Monika YadavYet to be approvedUGC-RFMS09/11/2011
10Seema JindalYet to be approvedUGC-RFMS03/11/2011
11Ashish Kumar JenaYet to be approvedUGC-RFMS14/10/2011
12Chhanda Charan DantaYet to be approvedUGC-RFMS14/10/2011
13Rakesh KumarYet to be approvedUGC-RFMS14/10/2011
14Sarwar BegYet to be approvedUGC-RFMS14/10/2011
15Suman RohillaYet to be approvedDST-INSPIRE06/09/2011
16Anand Kamal SachdevaYet to be approvedUGC13/06/2011
17Puneet RinwaYet to be approvedICMR-SRF10/06/2011
18Jitendriya MishraYet to be approvedUGC09/06/2011
19Babita GargYet to be approvedCSIR-SRF10/05/2011
20Alka BaliYet to be approved19/04/2011
21Priyanka MallaSynthesis and study of novel protein tyronsine phosphatase 1B inhibitors for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitusDRDO22/12/2010
22SheetuDesign and Development of systematically optimized novel vesicular formulations of fusidic acid and betamethasone valerate for dermal deliveryM/s IPCA MUMBAI22/12/2010
23Lalit MachawalNeuropharmacological investigations on neuroprotectants against stress induced neurological problemsCSIR-SRF21/12/2010
24Abhijeet SangwanDesign, synthesis and evaluation of selected 1,4-dihydropyridine type accetylcholinesterase inhibitorsUGC-RFMS27/07/2010
25Rajnish Synthesis and study of azasteroids as potential 5a-reductase inhibitors UGC-RFMS07/07/2010
26Shilpa KakkarDevelopment and evaluation of ocular formulations of antifungal agentsUGC-RFMS06/07/2010
27Deepika SharmaSynthesis and pharmacological evaluation of 3(2h)-pyridazinones as potent analgesic and antiinflammatory agentsUGC-RFMS02/06/2010
28Poonam NegiDesign, Development and optimization of vesicular and non-vesicular carrier systems for topical delivery of lidocaine and prilocaineUGC-RFMS10/03/2010
29Pratap Chandra AcharyaSynthesis and pharmacological evaluation of some newer heterosteroids as antineoplastic agentsUGC-RFMS07/10/2009
30Mahaveer DhobiPhytopharmacological investigations and chemical standardization of the root of clitoria ternatea L.UGC-RFMS05/10/2009
31Neeraj KumarDevelopment of topical formulations of itraconazole using novel colloidal carrier systemsUGC-RFMS14/09/2009
32Vipin AroraNeuropsychopharmacological studies on pain-depression dyadUGC-RFMS28/08/2009
33Ajay PrakashElucidation of neurobehavioral and neuroprotective effect of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (GCSF)ICMR-SRF18/06/2009
34Manoj Kumar VermaDevelopment and evaluation of solid lipid nanoparticulate delivery system for streptomycin sulphate, vitamin A and D for treatment lor control of tuberculosisDBT-SRF21/05/2009
35Mamta SachdevaDesign, synthesis and evaluationof gallic acid esters as potential antioxidantsUGC-RFMS24/04/2009
36Disha AroraPhytochemical, anxiolytic and standardization studies on certain traditionally used cns active plantsUGC-RFMS12/03/2009
37Varun Rishi KapoorDevelopment of novel formulations of clofazimine with enhanced bioavailbility.UGC-RFMS25/02/2009
38Harinder SinghDeveloping solid lipid nanoparticles for improving bioavailability and removing drug interactions among antitubercular drugsDBT-SRF04/02/2009
39Rajwinder KaurDesign and development of new thiophene derivatives as possible antiasthmatic agentsDST-WOS(A)15/12/2008
40Nidhi AggarwalDevelopment and evaluation of topical colloidal carrier systems of griseoflvinDBT-SRF04/12/2008
41Rohit Bhandarisolid lipid nanoparticulates of isoniazid and pyrazinamide for brain deliveryCSIR-SRF10/11/2008
42Swati BhandariStudies on compatibility,polymorphism and multocomponent crystals of selected antihypertensive drugsICMR-SRF10/11/2008
43AsthaStudies on the Crystals, co-crystals and cyclodextrin inclusion complexes of some selected anti-hyperlipidemic drugsDST-WOS(A)04/10/2008
44Honey Studies on development of targeted drug delivery systems for colon cancerUGC-RFMS01/10/2008
45Venkata Rao KakiDesign and synthesis of new adenosine kinase inhibitorsCSIR-SRF01/10/2008
46Preet KawalPhytochemical, analytical and anti-inflammatory evaluation of barleria speciesUGC-RFMS09/09/2008
47Basant AmarjiStudies on compatibility polymorphism and mutlocmponent crystals of selection antihypertensive drugsUGC-RGNF25/07/2008
48Anshuman ShuklaDevelopment, optimization and characterization of novel adjuvant based oral mucosal diphtheria vacineUGC-RFMS08/07/2008
49Saurabh SrivastavaDevelopment and evaluation of modified release systems of stavudineCSIR-SRF24/05/2008
50Anupam SainiPreparation and Characterization of various crystals and co-crystals of some novel anti-epileptic agentsUGC-RFMS02/05/2008
51Shantanu BandopadhyayDesign, Development and optimization of novel oral drug delivery systems of ezetimibe and valsartan with enhanced bioavailability potentialUGC-RFMS12/03/2008
52Prerna Sarup1. Standardization studies on guggulu 2. development and evaluation of certain anti-inflammatory preparations of guggulu.UGC-RFMS10/03/2008
53Kaisar RazaDesign, Development, and optimization of vesicular and non-vesicular carrier systems for the delivery of etodolac and isotretinoinUGC-RFMS31/10/2007

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